What do you think about “The English patient” or “Under the Tuscan sun ” or the most recent film “New Moon?” Do you know where they have been filmed? Right here, where the Middle Ages and the Renaissance harmoniously coexist and create incomparable artistic and architectural masterpieces.

A land of breathtaking landscapes with cypresses and vineyards to fill the eyes and the heart.
While you’re walking throuhg the narrow alleys, let yourself be guided by the musical notes coming from the famous school of music. You’ ll touch with your own hand the smooth travertine of buildings and churchesthat were so loved by Lorenzo de’Medici. Your senses will come alive as you savor a glass of the famous Vino Nobile. Montepulciano is also that!

Duration of the tour, max 3 hours. If you will want to spend with me a whole day, max 6 hours, here following are additional sugestions: