Giulia Giamporcaro

Tourist Guide in Siena

Great journeys have this wonderful, that their enchantment begins before the departure itself. The atlantes are opened, we dream about the cards. The magnificent names of unknown cities are repeated.

(Joseph Kessel)

For a long time the desire to travel, to discover distant places and ancient people has characterized my choices in life. After years of university studies as archaeologist I mixed all my great passions to become a tourist guide in 2011. Together with your desires and the love I have for my land and my vocation, I will create a true sensory experience.
As a “senese” I will lead you all throughout district, you will not leave without tasting a good dish of “pici” or even without having left your heart in a sunset on the hills of the Chianti.

You shouldn't want to miss any of this, therefore don’t hesitate to contact me!


MONTEPULCIANO: awakening of senses

What do you think about "The English patient" or "Under the Tuscan sun " or the most recent film "New Moon?" Do you know where they have been filmed? Right here, where the Middle Ages and the Renaissance harmoniously coexist and create incomparable artistic and...

MONTALCINO: among vineyards, cypresses and abbeys

Discover an enchanting medieval suburb as you enter this fairytale world dominated by an ancient castle of authentic architectural perfection. We will cross the most important phases of its history, we will enter  into its traditions and we will taste world-famous red...


Perfect embodiment of a medieval city, one of the Unesco world heritage sites, protected by powerfull walls and by the pride of its citizens that jealously preserve every corner of it. Stones and alleyways tell something about its past, mixing art and traditions,...


Are you familiar with “the Manhattan of 1300” or the “city of the beautiful towers”? They are just some of the titles with which this characteristic medieval town is described. Walking around this medieval place, crossing its cobbled alleyways you will find yourself...

PIENZA, among perfection and gastronomy

How to resist the temptation of a slice of local sheeps cheese, pecorino with a glass of one of the finest tuscan wines? We will discover together the ancient origins and the historical protagonists of this small suburb entirely reconstructed with style and passion by...

RED AND WHITE: the colours of my district

Red and white are the colors of the district in which I was born. When I was a baby I was wrapped in a white and red scarf and since that moment,it has become part of me and me part of it. They are also the colors of the flags wich wave on the streets of the district...

SIENA: art, such a passion!

An itinerary for the truly passionate of the city and its artistic and architectural wonders. The classical tour of Siena is enriched by inside visits: first of the Siena Cathedral where we stride the most famous marble floor of Italy, then the Campo Square housing...


Monteriggioni, a crown over the northern hills of Siena, magical place in which it feels like time has stood still in the Middle Ages. Made famous by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, in the XIII century, here many bloody battles took place. From the top of its...

THE SWORD IN THE ROCK: among reality and legends

About 30 km from Siena, over the rolling hills and through the thick woods, we come to the heart of Tuscany in the Val di Merse. Destination? the most reconizable abbey without roof in the world, obviously. I will tell you stories of Knights, of hermits, monks and...


The perfect way to take a trip away from school desks with classmates and teachers. Itineraries dedicated to students of all ages who want to learn but with joy! So great and small explorers of these lands, arm yourself with enthusiasm and curiosity, put your smartphone in the cellar and set off to discover unique places! I WAIT FOR YOU!


COVID-19 safety rules

So that our tours are carried out in maximum safety and tranquility, here are some precautions that we will adopt:

1) Number of participants in visits max 10

2) Minimum interpersonal distance of at least one meter

3) Compulsory use of the mask, in closed spaces or in open spaces, if interpersonal distancing cannot be maintained

4) Wash your hands with soap and water or alternatively with sanitizing gel

Find the whole attachment (ordinance n.59 of 22/05/2020) by clicking here.