Are you familiar with “the Manhattan of 1300” or the “city of the beautiful towers”? They are just some of the titles with which this characteristic medieval town is described. Walking around this medieval place, crossing its cobbled alleyways you will find yourself in a striking squares dominated by a big well or a romanesque cathedral.

This also happened to several Italian film directors like Troisi, Benigni or Zeffirelli that chose San Gimignano as the perfect set for some of their masterpieces. You will experience the same as you travel back in time as if under a spell.  To make this illusion a reality there are three magic words to pronounce: Vernaccia, Saffron and Gelato.Wich ones? the best of the world obviously!

Duration of the tour, max 3 hours. If you will want to spend with me a whole day, max 6 hours, here following are additional sugestions: